#1 Finesse Spin STIK


The lightest as well as one of the longest STIX in the lineup. The Finesse Spin STIK can handle light line with ease. Want to cast lightweight lures long range? This is your weapon!

  • Length:7’6”
  • Medium Light , Moderate-fast action
  • Number of Guides: 11
  • 13.2 dead lift ability
  • Line Suggestion: 6lb Flouro on a 3000 series reel
  • Lure Suggestions: 1/16oz to 1/4oz
    • Small soft plastics. Worms like a 4” zoom trick worm wacky rigged or nail weighted, 3/16 and under Ned rigs, shaky heads, lighter exposed hook drop shot setups, float N fly, smaller jerk baits, spy baiting, smaller hair jigs, and split shot rigs.

*Rod Sleeve included with the purchase of every rod.

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These are six STIX (rods) designed to cover all of your bass fishing needs. From every variety of lure and presentation style. The basis around this lineup was versatility over creating a single purpose rods. Each STIK was designed to be ergonomic for both taller and shorter anglers alike. The butt ends had as much thought placed into them as the overall taper in being able to properly distribute a large variety of lure weights as well as leveraging steady hooksets. Being up on the times we at STIX realized we have reached a new era of high performance fishing lines from fluorocarbons and braids and even new advanced co-polymers and designed our models accordingly. All of our STIX are heavy duty high modulus composite rods with carbon nano mesh (Carbon Nano Technology). What’s does that mumbo jumbo mean??? Simple, very light and powerful and can bend evenly without having to create shut off points which is old technology from using older lines. Each rod has a downward open facing hook keeper preventing anglers from having to pull hooks back out from Texas rigged plastics. Next to the STIX logo you’ll find a bump board style scale to measure your fish quickly and conveniently. Each rod is also color coded to make the selection process faster.

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