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Are these rods gimmicky or cheap?

We set out to create a high quality durable rod that sells for $100. After testing proto-types for over two years, we found the builds we believed could meet our standards but the price was going to have to be closer to $200 if we were going to sell in retail stores. So, as we have done over and over with this project, we did what we believed was right for the customer and decided to sell direct to the consumer strictly on This allowed us to get the price down to $100 for a rod that would that would hold up to others at the $180-200 range.

What are the components of the rods?

The blanks are made of Carbon Nano Technology (CNT) which gives the perfect balance of sensitivity and durability. Then we went with the trusted name of Fuji, for our guides to prove that we weren’t looking to cut any corners. Lastly, we stand behind these rods with our 90 day “Buy’em and Try’em” program where customers have 90 days to return their set of six for a full refund, which after two years, still remains the only warranty of its kind in the industry. Along with that, we also have our $50, no questions asked, limited lifetime warranty, which is also the top in the industry.

Do you have a discount for Military, Veterans, or First Responders?

STIX Fishing is honored to be able to provide our military service men and women, veterans, and first responders with a 10% discount on rods. We will ask that a current, valid identification be sent or a copy of your DD214 if you are no longer serving, for verification purposes. Once this information is sent to us at [email protected], you will be sent your 10% discount promotional code. Thank you all for your invaluable service to our country and sacrifice for our freedom and safety.

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