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The complete set of performance bass rods designed specifically for incredible versatility to fish all lures and techniques:

#1 Finesse STIK 7’ 6” / Medium Light / Mod-fast action
#2 Hybrid Spin STIK 7’ 2” / Medium / Mod-Fast action
#3 Hybrid STIK 7’ / Medium / Mod-Fast action
#4 Reaction STIK 7’ 6” / Medium Heavy / Mod- Fast action
#5 Torque STIK 7’ 4” / Medium Heavy / Fast action
#6 Power STIK 7’ 6” / Heavy / Mod- Fast action


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*Rod Sleeve included with the purchase of every rod.

These are six STIX (rods) designed to cover all of your bass fishing needs. From every variety of lure and presentation style. The basis around this lineup was versatility over creating a single purpose rods. Each STIK was designed to be ergonomic for both taller and shorter anglers alike. The butt ends had as much thought placed into them as the overall taper in being able to properly distribute a large variety of lure weights as well as leveraging steady hooksets. Being up on the times we at STIX realized we have reached a new era of high performance fishing lines from fluorocarbons and braids and even new advanced co-polymers and designed our models accordingly. All of our STIX are heavy duty high modulus composite rods with carbon nano mesh (Carbon Nano Technology). What’s does that mumbo jumbo mean??? Simple, very light and powerful and can bend evenly without having to create shut off points which is old technology from using older lines. Each rod has a downward open facing hook keeper preventing anglers from having to pull hooks back out from Texas rigged plastics. Next to the STIX logo you’ll find a bump board style scale to measure your fish quickly and conveniently. Each rod is also color coded to make the selection process faster.

  • Finesse STIK 7’6” / Medium Light / Mod-fast
  • Hybrid Spin STIK 7’2” / Medium / Mod-Fast
  • Hybrid STIK 7’ / Medium / Mod-Fast
  • Reaction STIK 7’6” / Medium Heavy / Mod- Fast
  • Surface STIK 7’4” / Medium Heavy / Fast Action
  • Power STIK 7’6” / Heavy / Mod- Fast

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5 reviews for STIX PAX (6)

  1. J Carranza (verified owner)

    Wonderful set of rods! They look great, they feel great, and they work great. This set of rods helps me to keep focused and organized while I’m out on the water. I mainly kayak fish, so space and organization is key for me. Although every rod is versatile and has a range of applications, each rod helps me to say “ok, this is my drop shot rod, this is my wacky rig rod, this is my crankbait rod etc.”. So while I’m on the kayak, I’m not fumbling around with which set up to rig up, I come in with with a six rod set up strategy and I stick with it. I’m very satisfied with my set as it helps me have a baseline of all the rods I need to cover all the techniques I need to get more bass in the boat.

  2. Jeremy Mccormick

    Heard about Stix through a podcast over a year ago and had just broke a $300 rod. I purchased 1 to try out and liked it so much shortly after I added 3 more to my arsenal. The only reason I don’t own all 6 is bc I haven’t pulled the trigger on the spinning rods yet since I typically only use baitcasters, but plan on it soon. I wasn’t educated on rod selection at the time and their number system really simplified and helped me to learn and understand the importance of it all. The performance, durability, simplicity and price point of these rods are unmatched and have helped me to gain more confidence and land more fish. Rods are one thing I don’t have worry about anymore thanks to these guys and would recommend to anyone at any level of fishing.

  3. Troy Richards (verified owner)

    2 years ago, my first purchase was the #3 hybrid Bait Caster from STIX FISHING. I was absolutely mind blown from my first cast. I even landed my PB “personal best”! A few months later I knew I absolutely had to get all 6 rods. Each of these rods are numbered and color coded for the tackle that you are throwing. This has made my fishing experience so much simpler and I have gained so much confidence. I am a bank fisherman, I take all 6 rods with me knowing that each rod I have is ready with all my set ups I want to try out that day. I am spending less time cutting and re-tying. Each rod is designed for specific fishing techniques, such as finesse to crank baits to spinner baits to punching or even heavy lures like big swim baits. On their website they have videos breaking down what to use for each rod and what works best. STIX customer support team is incredible! I closed my #1 finesse rod in my truck door and even though it was my fault, I had a new rod 3 days later I was back on the water fishing and catching fish. STIX FISHING has designed these rods with every type of fisherman in mind. I highly recommend to anyone starting out as a beginner, or even the advanced angler to buy these rods.

  4. Jacob Stem (verified owner)

    The STIX rods are the best bass fishing rods I’ve ever used. Based on them being super light, very durable, and the best part very affordable. You can’t get another rod like this for this price point. The best part is if you buy the STIX PAK you save even more money! I’m a kayak tournament angler and starting using STIX this spring. I sold off all my other rods and have 2 STIX PAK now! 12 rods to cover all my needs. Number 1 finesse is one of my favorites. It’s an amazing dropshot rod. Number 3 is awesome for smaller crankbaits I found out and is a stable in my arsenal. But by far the number 4 reaction rod is my absolute favorite. Amazing rod for chatterbaits! If you’ve been thinking about trying these out, do it!

  5. marain50

    I have owned Stix rods since they open their door! Hands down one of the best rods I have ever owned! They are light and can use them for multiple different techniques. I have also broken a few rods, (at my fault) and the process to get them replaced was amazing easy! Great customer service, and an AMAZING product! Would recommend them to anyone!

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