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An impact machine. From swimbaits to punching or bombing umbrella rigs, the 7′ 6″ heavy moderate-fast action #6 Power STIK is your flat-out workhorse.  This is the best fishing rod for driving the hookset, keeping the fish pinned during the fight, and landing the fish of your dreams.  Nick Smith @InformativeFisherman has boat flipped multiple bass over 10lbs with this STIK!!  


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These are six STIX (rods) designed to cover the full range of all of your bass fishing needs. From every variety of lure and presentation style. The focus around this lineup was to create a simple system of versatility rather than creating dozens of technique specific rods. Each STIK was designed to be ergonomic for both taller and shorter anglers alike, plus perfect for fishing in bass boats, kayaks, or from the bank. The butt ends had as much thought placed into them as the overall taper in being able to properly distribute a large variety of lure weights as well as leveraging steady hooksets.   Tapered EVA split-grip rod handles provide exceptional sensitivity and feel throughout the retrieve and are comfortable throughout the entire day on the water.  Being driven anglers ourselves and up on the times, we at STIX realized sport fishing has reached a new era of high performance fishing lines from fluorocarbons to braids to even new advanced co-polymers and designed our models accordingly. All of our STIX are heavy duty high modulus composite rods with carbon nano mesh (Carbon Nano Technology). What’s does that mumbo jumbo mean??? Simple, very light and powerful and can bend evenly without having to create shut off points which is old technology from using older lines. Each rod has a downward open facing hook keeper preventing anglers from having to pull hooks back out from Texas rigged plastics. Next to the STIX logo you’ll find a bump board style scale to measure your fish quickly and conveniently. Each rod is also color coded to make the selection process faster.  

  • Length: 7’6″
  • Action: Heavy, Moderate-Fast
  • Weight: 5.4 oz
  • Guides: 11
  • Handle Length: 11″
  • Ability: 19.8 lb Dead Lift Ability
  • Line Suggestion: 65-80 lb Braid or 17-25 lb Fluorocarbon
  • Reel Suggestion: low profile baitcasting reels (50-200 size)
  • Lure Suggestion: 1/2 – 4 oz
  • Bonus: Rod Sleeve Included

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5 reviews for #6 Power STIK

  1. bslow47 (verified owner)

    I purchased this rod to handle larger swimbaits and A-rigs. So far very pleased with the performance of the rod. It is surprisingly lighter than I expected. I was attracted to this rod because of the specs and the price point for what you get. The only negatives I have with the rod have nothing to do with performance. I wish they would put the lure and line weight suggestion on the rod. (Hey, I’m older…can’t remember all the time). For aesthetics, I would have like to had a reel seat with hidden threads.
    I like the eyelets of the rod. They are not micros but do appear to be a tad smaller than normal sized ones. I was running 65# braid to 20# mono leader and could feel the knot through the eyelets. I switched to strait 20# flouro. Should not have a problem with smaller braid to leader lines though.
    I am now eyeing the surface stick for top water and jigs. I wish I would have found the rod company earlier (Thanks Bass Geek) because I would probably have purchased the STIX pack and that would have set me up nicely for my arsenal.

  2. bigguns

    super versatile, strong, sensitive and the right amount of flex to keep fish hooked up. Lots of other companies make broom sticks with guides for their big rods, you dont get that with stix and can tell there was a lot of thought and time put into its design. Its my go to big rod for punching, flipping, glide bait, alabama rig, whopper plopper, and mag crankbaits. My friends were raving about stix so I decided to take their advice and get it for a new flipping stick and sick a-rig/ swimbait rod, but I’ve lately been throwing my 10xds and whopper ploppers on it too! Great job guys with all 6 rods, there’s not another company even close to the rod blank quality at your price point. I’ll be buying more and telling my buddies to check these out

  3. Jacob Stem

    When I purchased the Stix pack I was super excited about this rod. I wanted a heavy rod I could use for Alabama rigs but also use as a punching/flipping rod. This rod is perfect for both. I have also tried out some big swimbaits on it too and it handles great! I now have 2 sets of the rods and always have a number 6 with me on the kayak.

  4. Troy Richards

    I have been a proud owner of the stix-pack for 3 years now!!!
    The #6 Power stix Rod is the strongest beefiest rod in the line up.
    This Rod can handle the big baits like the Umbrella rig (A RIG) 3oz. Swim baits, and Punching. I use this rod mainly for Punching and easily ripping the big fish out of the thickest of thick cover, Lilly pads and thick weeds/grass. with the power stick I am not afraid to throw it anywhere the rod is meant to handle the job and in my opinion it far exceeded my expectation of the rod. I use 65lb. braided line with this rod. I have wrenched 3-4lb bass out of the Lilly pads and stayed pinned with no problem at all. If you like to throw the big baits this is the right rod for you. Also a bonus with all of the six rods they have a measurement on the rod so you can easily measure the fish you catch. I strongly recommend this rod for anyone beginner or pro. Incredible rods in my opinion.

  5. Jeremy Mccormick (verified owner)

    I purchased this rod over a year ago for flipping/punching and have been extremely impressed. It has easily handled all the abuse of my overdramatic hook-sets while ripping freakishly strong bass out of deep thick timber, lily pads, and nasty grass. The backbone is incredible but the tip is soft enough that I find myself casting at a distance as well. This is the only heavy rod I use on my boat and I highly recommend you give it a try.

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